Unique Blue Lake West Sumatera views was create from coal miner

As a promise me to all reader especially Rhapsody Boheme, because her have too pict about blue lake in creator Lake Oregon, read too Ascending Wizard island to see her blog similar in my country. blue like is a very magical view to us, someone try not to stop capture the moment with other friend, family, and couple. Sawahlunto is a one of city in West Sumatera who called “mining tourism”, the only one coal mining in Padang. blue lake create coal mining when started 1980 and now be the lake with rainy.

The road to get there is quite steep and formerly difficult to access. only large cars carrying stones are climbing there, but the city government responds and improves the way to get there to attract tourists.

@rahmanpiliang gift to me a beatifull photos for publish in my blog, thanks bro!

scroll your mouse to pict…

Down aproach the lake
From Drone @ibnusaputra
beautiful lake and beautiful girl, the same thing make me happy
Rock cross
between me, her and him, love is cruel
Keindahan Danau Biru Sawahlunto (@van__tony)
Still Use Drone, very usefull Source: Google

If u want to come, this is location from google maps u can acses, warrior traveller said to me “if u want share for all, you must attach a location for this”  this is a location. and Indah Susanti  give me same local bloger with me. i want contact her personal, and i want her give me suggest or advice how to my blog people know and read.

Thanks for comming, please share if u want 🙂



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