A new road to the air manis beach west sumatera travel

You ever imagine that access to the coast of sweet water is very difficult to meet, or a climb that is so steep you are afraid to get there. Now, dont worry, the city government has been make a new road connecting the mountains of padang and pantai air manis beach. The road is located in the mountains of the padang that has the beauty of the sea after sight. The beautifully beautiful island, the sea, and the other beauty you see there. Some places are still open and still very minimal support you during the journey.

But over time travel there will be support of your needs. Beautiful scenery includes hills stretched road, a little green, blue sea and there are some animals like monkeys and other animals that will accompany you on the trip. Access to the road is very easy and do not pass a steep climb like that dlu you traveled there.

To get there you will only be guided by the guide, near the bridge siti nurbaya, then you find a field adjacent to the gate of the mountain field. There is a slightly wider road that climbs.

You will only be served with a beautiful view in there, and also if hungry, there is a waiting for food and beverage sellers along the road to the beach. Just a few kilometers to the beach, you are facilitated by a good way friendly people and shorten the travel time to the beach.

As you know, the air manis beach called the malin kundang story. Once upon a time, a son not aknowledge his mother, because he is a rich and his mother very poor. And his mother get hurt and god punish him to be a stone. This story said dont against your mother because your mother fought against her death to give birth to you. even he is willing not to eat as long as you eat. nothing can match your mother’s love for you.

Not so far
If you shoot with good camera, you can get beautiful photo’s
Pulau pisang you can walk to there with your foot
Start point the new roads

This is a gallery of photos along the way you will get if you visit there later. but the author knows, i use mobile phone camera because the author must pursue a deadline to write this to you. thank you for coming and please share it with your friends.


Four monkey’s climb a coconut three

You see?



  1. indeed, an accessible road is very important nowadays to invite tourists. especially since a lot of people prefer to drive by themselves depending on google maps only!
    I had a terrifying experience following Google maps direction suddenly I met a road in a very awful condition and my motorbike couldn’t pass so I had to turn around πŸ˜‚

    Disukai oleh 2 orang

      1. don’t worry! I’m in Bali because of work hahahaha! I always travel on tight budget, too… around the city just driving around with my motorbike enjoying the view, or for the rare times when I did manage to save up and flew overseas, I always tried to find tourists spots that is free or in walking distances from public transportation. there are tricks to this! πŸ˜† but indeed, if you’re still in university it’s hard to save up. I only managed to travel out of town/ out of the country after I worked fulltime for a few years (yes I’m old) hahahaha~

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

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