West sumatera calendar event information 2018

Someone may say, you haven’t explore Indonesia if you have not come to west sumatera. Friendly, and open minded population who love to talk to all guest are a matters need to be retained. West sumatera has a beautiful lake, beach, hill, and waterfall and green place every where. Even a vilage contain many of numbers three as long you can see in the street. So, you are interested, i think you are interested.

one way to attract tourists is with the exciting and interesting events. can not imagine a tourist accidentally come to witness the existing events in western Sumatra. let alone foreign tourists who have a hobby to the beautiful Indonesian culture and variety. no wonder tourists are willing to spend a lot of money in west sumatra just to see the art performances and events that are worldwide at this time. still remember with the unreasonable song tak-tun-tuang sung by the upiak isil? certain. up isil is a minang singer who has been famous to foreign countries. many people around the world have heard the name and the song. Isil positions are often offered for a gig at several private tv stations abroad. and now after the world of isil is often offered to fill the event for the West Sumatra region itself to attract tourists to visit. Minang song is one of the existing art in west sumatera, the interest of minangkabau community art activities in visualize in randai form, piriang dance, rabab, saluang and many more. not only titled art, minang culture is known for its complex and fun cultural activities. as well as the pace of jawi (jawi is the animal called to the cow) raced straight in a field that had been planting season. philosophy contained from this culture is plowing rice fields to plant the community so that later land loose and can meet the needs of the community when the harvest arrives.

Another activity is a stone angkek-angkek (a very heavy stone where everyone who has a strong faith can lift the stone) is one of the cultural heritage that is thick with religion. where people believe that when we lift the stone then our sins are forgiven by god. and precisely on the permission of God we are able to lift the stone. Batu angkek-angkek is located in sungayang in batusangkar city. batagak batu, maluruan gala, and many more activities from minangkabau culture. for more details for 2018, the annual event calendar has been arranged in such a way as to inform tourists.

Thank you for read my blog, if you gratefull i relief you share my blog to many people.


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