Gado-gado peak near air manis beach charm at afternoon

West Sumatra has a lot of natural charm that makes recreation more comfortable. the nautical beauty offered, the elegance of the country, and the place to relax is quite crowded. whether it is visited by local and foreign tourists. most of which come are foreign tourists, who want to see firsthand the natural beauty of west Sumatra. ranging from hills, beaches, waterfalls and forest gardens to make the mind relax and refresh. And in afternoon, your eyes stunned sunset at west sumatera beach, as long so far you’ll see beach, island and waves.

Gadogado peak
Beautiful sunset in gadogado hill

When you come to Padang to see beautifull place, you will find more information. Every information so scramble, many people knows and dont knows particularly place. For example specific place like hill and waterfall. You maybe confused, and you will ask from your friend and them dont know.

Padang beach near muaro lasak and iora monument

When you come to padang you’ll see, a town and more ordinary people. You dont have a clue about hill gado-gado. Where this place, you need vehicle, and more information about beautifull place. Except, you’re have a friend or tourist guide, youl get many information.

I give a solution, if you dont have both like i explain before. First you use a google maps, mark around air manis beach south of padang. And second call a taxi, online transportation like a gojek and grab. And ask for driver to air manis beach.

Not so far, when you reach the hills, you see one direction to gado-gado peak. Then you stop the driver.


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