Sungai Pinang Beach as one of maritime tourism of West Sumatra

Recently West Sumatera especially coastal area has become many tourism object such as Carocok beach, langkisau peak, Pagang island, Sikuai, swarnadwipa and other small islands in west Sumatera. Not to mention the mandeh area that will have started to develop to become a tourism icon of West Sumatra. Mandeh area is often known as the king of four sumbar, because the natural charm offered mandeh almost similar to that in papua. The one beach that has a different charm than some of these attractions. Which is known as Sungai Pinang.

Sungai Pinang is also a marine tourism object that is a magnet for local tourists as well as foreign tourists.
Located in Pesisir Selatan district, about two hours from downtown Pinang River area is famous for its beautiful offshore, beautiful and also breathtaking. White sand and green Forest make comfortable as far as the eye, cool make the tourists do not want to go home while here. make diving, see the coral and enjoy the time with cool air.

The Sungai Pinang area is adjacent to Pagang Island, Bintangur Island, Karanggo Island, Marak Island and Nyamuk Island. By boarding a traditional fishing boat, tourists can move between one island with another. In addition to offering stunning natural beauty, there is a turtle conservation clinic set up by ricky and ahmed as observers of turtles and the environment.
The community hopes with the government program related to West Sumatra tourism “It is expected to South Coastal District Government to be able to improve and develop this Pinang Nagari as a marine tourism object of West Sumatra” said David Andespin who is a youth of Sungai Pinang.




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